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  • With shades of Clockwork Orange and Trainspotting, new author Charlie Wiltshire gives an unflinching, and often times disturbing, account of life on one of England’s most difficult estates. From the details of ‘pulling gear’ to the politics of cancer, Buckland Gap asks if society can ever be saved. Even from itself.
  • Buckland Gap
  • A can of lager, a cigarette and a well-placed scratch. Thus begins David’s day. Being a hard geezer on the Buckland estate ain’t easy, but David has the crown. He’s got the girls, sprogs, flash car and the meanest headbutt in Portsmouth. His days are filled with crime filled sprees to ensure his obese mother has her requisite fags, booze and curry. But even a thug like David has aspirations and his foray into drug-dealing is seen as a step-up. But through a serious of increasingly violent events, David’s kingdom erodes, unravels and culminates in an explosive finale.
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